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Recall proponents decline to testify under oath for fear of "incriminating" themselves over lie they told electors

As a Council member, I have supported more open space and trails, safety precautions and monitoring for oil and gas wells, economic development, affordable housing, and common sense gun safety including no open carry and strengthened red flag rules. I have worked to ensure our community’s future water supply and public safety, and I supported the Broomfield Town Square project, and a new Ward 5 satellite library and police station. These are all goals I pledged to support in my 2021 campaign, and which will keep Broomfield a great place to live. 

The Ward 5 recall, however, brings Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” to Broomfield. The recallers' true intent is to overturn the results of the election I won by 8 points. They sought a summer election when far fewer people would vote but failed to submit their petitions on time. Instead, I am now on the November ballot due to a recall petition based solely on fabrication and a couple policy disagreements.

On their web site and in aggressively canvassing people on doorsteps, petitioners told voters a whopper. They claimed Councilmember Heidi Henkel and I were trying to bring homeless people to town and house them in a tent facility near a high school. Absolutely not true. Neither Heidi nor I ever supported, proposed, or voted for such a camp.


In fact, on their website, petitioners agreed their statement is not correct saying my rebuttal was “not technically incorrect” (in other words, I'm correct and they are wrong) but added, “that doesn’t mean Todd and Heidi did not support” a camp. That’s a Trump-like denial of facts and pure conjecture because the truth is inconvenient to their goal of overturning an election. They even went so far as to place crosshairs over our faces on their fliers. I called out these lies in a recall protest which cites Colorado Revised Statute 1-13-109, which says its illegal to knowingly make false statements about candidates or questions submitted to electors. 

At the May 31 protest hearing, more than five recall petitioners declined to testify, when asked to by the hearing officer, for fear of "incriminating" themselves under oath if questioned whether their claims about a homeless camp were truthful. Afterwards, they deleted from their website the section admitting I was "not technically incorrect." This all further confirms to me their awareness of the lie they knowingly propagated when circulating petitions.


I ask you to reject extreme, divisive politics in Broomfield. Say no to election denial and false accusations. 


I ask you to vote NO on the recall in November.


Thank you

Todd Cohen


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