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Todd has a reasonable approach
with outstanding values
that are focused
in the right places. He will be a 

breath of fresh air for our city right now.

Patrick Tennyson | Civic Leader

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Todd has been a dedicated steward of our Open Spaces
and Trails; a former elected official with municipal government experience. He is already doing a fantastic job since being appointed. He will prioritize protecting our environment
and creating a safe, affordable and sustainable future.
I trust Todd Cohen to be the advocate that Ward 5 needs.

Guyleen Castriotta | Broomfield Mayor

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We can count on Todd to keep Broomfield moving forward. He will provide intelligent and thoughtful leadership to ensure
our city remains a great place to live, work and play.

Matt Gray | State Representative

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Todd has been serving the Broomfield community for years as
a volunteer member of OSTAC. He is a caring, engaged and thoughtful leader. His integrity is forefront when dealing with
tough issues such as oil and gas, sustainability and
affordable housing.

Terra Lenihan | Chair, Open Space & Trails Advisory Committee

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Todd has both a creative and strategic mind, so he is able to
cut through the noise to identify the core issue at hand -- and then put forth ideas to find a solution or a middle ground. His
ideas are grounded in fairness, equity, and in meeting the
needs of those who need help the most.”

Nicki Gonzales | State Historian of Colorado

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I worked with Todd and his team at Regis University.
He always demonstrates his beliefs in empowering women
and supporting diversity. When the situation became tense,
Todd always remained calm and focused.

Dr. Karla Esser | Board Member, Colorado State Board of Education

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Our ward needs someone who approaches issues with an
open ear, and an equity lens. Todd has the capacity to know
what is truly important to our community and asks the right
questions as we approach our sustainability, affordability,
safety, and business goals. As we head through this pandemic, Todd will keep a health and safety focus, support our most
vulnerable, and work to keep local businesses thriving. Todd is the type of leader needed during these times, and I am so excited to endorse his campaign!”

Heidi Henkel | Broomfield City Councilmember Ward 5

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